Wire EDM Services

Wire EDM Services in Pickens, SC

At Foothills Machining, Inc., we’ve established our reputation in Pickens, Arial, Easley, Greenville, and Pickens County, SC. Part of this comes from our state-of-the-art capabilities, which include wire EDM cutting and machining. Using this advanced form of CNC machining, we’re able to achieve a level of detail, precision and expediency that benefits our customers tremendously.

What is Wire EDM Machining?

Wire EDM is a precision cutting process that utilizes a powerful electrical discharge to cut through conductive metals. It offers a level of control and precision that’s unmatched, and is commonly used for intricate machining jobs. It’s the machining method of choice for machining tiny features, thin walls, tight slots and odd shapes.

Our highly-efficient, extremely precise wire EDM services in Pickens, SC are great for rapid turnaround jobs. Because this method doesn’t leave behind burrs or distortion, machining can usually be condensed to a one-step process that’s quick and simple. You’ll get your component back sooner, without compromising on quality or completeness.

  • EDM Cutting Capabilities

    Because EDM cutting works on any conductive alloy, we’re able to utilize this machining technique for a broad range of projects, spanning various common metals. We frequently accept EDM cutting projects for stainless steel, copper, aluminum and more.

  • Precision Prototyping

    The high degree of precision capable using EDM machining techniques makes it the premier option for prototyping and iterative product design. We’re able to change minor details and make slight changes to product design quickly and cost-efficiently, meaning you’re sure to get results that meet your specifications and fit your unique application.

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If your job is intricate or requires quick turnaround, talk with our team about wire EDM services. Foothills Machining, Inc. has the experience and equipment to ensure you get precision results quickly, to meet the specifications of your project. Contact us today at 864-868-0994 for wire EDM services, CNC machining, and jig and fixture design services.

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Wire EDM Services